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Accuracy, repeatability and reliability. These are meaningful concepts in science. They are also important characteristics of GraLab timers.

Dependable electronic timers and intervalometers from GraLab meet the stringent demands of the scientific community with:

  • +/- 0.01% accuracy at one second
  • +/- 0.005% repeatability at one second
  • Durable construction that stands up to years of service
  • Multiple audio settings available on Model 451 to match application needs
Contact a GraLab timing expert to discuss your exact requirements.

GraLab timers are used in a variety of scientific applications ranging from gas chromatography to water analysis. Timers can be used for single cycle switching or in tandem as a continuously recycling intervalometer. Key features include:

  • Independent, separately programmable memories to control on/off cycles
  • Time ranges from 0.1 second to 99 minutes
  • Ability to switch AC power through outlet or logic level compatible signal